The Final Stretch: How to Avoid Catching “Senioritis”

By April 28, 2019 Stress management

You have been working so hard the last few years and everything you have worked for has pretty much built up to this very moment. All of those all-nighters and difficult prereqs are out of the way and you are on a one-track way to completing your goal. In fact, you may have already received the job offer of your dreams or the acceptance letter to another school or university.

Why is it then, after all of this hard work, are people willing to just stop? Well, there is something about knowing the end is near that makes you want to slow down. You recognize that you have worked very hard the last few years to get to where you are at and you know that you deserve a rest. When you have the next step all set in stone, it can be rather tempting to finally take a breather.

This is really not the thing to do. You need to finish out strong. You’ve worked this hard, why let it slip up now. Not even that, but it can be easy to forget that it is not over yet, even if it feels like it. A poor finish may compromise a future opportunity. Even letters and offers that seem solid can be revoked if you mess up or fail to meet the requirements in the end. How awful would it be if your slip up leads to one failed class that completely changed your life? Just stay on top of it and use all that experience you’ve gathered to finish out strong.

Avoid Burnout

It can be hard to differentiate burnout from senioritis, but they are two very different things. Senioritis is when you just get a little too comfortable and unmotivated in your final year. Burnout, however, is when you’ve pushed yourself to exhaustion. Too much work can be just as bad as too little. It’s hard on your mental and physical health as well as takes a toll on the quality of your work.



You need to know when to take breaks and have some fun too. If you don’t have any immediate deadlines and have stayed on top of your stuff so far – one movie night isn’t going to kill you. The same goes for your work. If you manage to be productive and study for hours – taking breaks to recharge may actually benefit you. Consider using the Pomodoro method – designated breaks and specified intervals create a great learning environment where you can make the most out of your time without overdoing it. You can do this by using an old kitchen timer or even apps on your phone like MyTaskPal.

Less work

Dividing up your time in such a way will not only save you from getting too tired, but it may also be a key thing to prevent lack of motivation from setting in. Tasks will seem less daunting and you will find yourself dreading these tasks much less. Keeping productive while still maintaining your optimistic attitude is exactly what Pomodoro sets out to do.

Don’t let yourself slip in the final moments. Make sure to keep on top of your tasks and see a perfect end to all of your hard work.


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