Getting Started With MyTaskPal

By May 28, 2019 Resources

With a simple design and user-friendly features, MyTaskPal helps you optimize your day-to-day for maximum productivity. Easily capture all of your tasks and projects in the task list and complete them using the Pomodoro technique.  

Here’s how:

Let’s start with your awesome to-do list.

1. Tap on the plus icon to add tasks to your list.

2. Tasks can manually be added by typing in the bar at the top of the screen.

Are you a Google Tasks user? If so, you have the option to sign into your Google account and sync your Google Tasks list to MyTaskPal.

3. Select the tasks you want to achieve today. A blue check mark will appear next to your selection.

If you have a task that will take more than one focus interval to complete, simply swipe right to duplicate the task for as many intervals as you think you will need.

4. Get to work

Tap on the icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to see your list of pomodoros. It’s time to get to work. Select a task and tap the blue arrow to start your focus session.

5. Optimize Your Intervals & Celebrate your progress

Focus intervals are set to 25 minutes by default, but if you think you’d like to work in longer or shorter blocks, tap the gear icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to adjust intervals to your liking. 

You can also manually add or reduce time when working on the interval by clicking plus or minus button accordingly.

MyTaskPal has a nifty stats page to help visualize your progress. There you can see how many focused intervals you’ve completed over the last seven days.

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