Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs: Stay on Top of Your Game

By June 3, 2019 Productivity

For the entrepreneur, burning the candle at both ends is seemingly a requirement. Launching and scaling a company, developing a product, managing staff and meeting investors can quickly become an all-consuming situation, if you let it. The good news is it doesn’t have to and you can avoid this scenario entirely by improving the efficiency of your focus, time and energy. Let us show you how:


A meditation practice helps you perform at your best. It calms the mind, helps manage stress and anxiety, and improves focus. It’s also a great facilitator of creativity.

People tend to think they don’t have the time to meditate, but some of the busiest people in the world claim they couldn’t do what they do without it. Take, Jerry Seinfeld, for example, the celebrated comedian and creator of the TV show, Seinfeld, who’s been meditating for more than 40 years. He claims he wouldn’t have survived the Seinfeld show if it weren’t for his middle of the day meditation sessions. If the creator of the most successful TV show has the time for daily meditation sessions, the busy entrepreneur does too.

Productivity tips for entrepreneurs Set a timeline

Let’s face it, for the entrepreneur the list of to-dos is truly never-ending. These lists can feel downright defeating if not managed strategically. Try setting up a timeline for your task list. It will help you visualize your work. Also, set daily goals. It’ll do wonders for your mood. Setting goals in the morning for one or two task you plan to achieve each morning will help you set a positive tone for the rest of the day.


Schedule habitual tasks

Address certain tasks at certain times of the day. Entrepreneurs have regular administrative duties like accounting and federal regulatory paperwork. They have to be available to answer staff questions respond to emails. Eliminate potential distractions by scheduling regular hours during the day to address habitual tasks.

Manage your attention

Carve out chunks of time each day for uninterrupted work. Doing so will facilitate deep thinking and help you gain momentum on your project. During those focused work sessions, turn off your breaking news, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram notifications. Flex your single-track mindset muscle and focus on the task at hand.   

Make time for Creativityproductivity tips

Do you by any chance remember what time of day it was or what you were doing when your entrepreneurial epiphany struck? We ask because, in addition to blocking time in your schedule for mundane tasks like answering emails, etc., you ought to be schedule creativity into your day as well. Exercise your innovative muscle at a time that works best for you. When do your ideas flow best? Maybe you’re an in-the-shower-aha person.

Identifying your peak creative time often comes down to feeling—it’s the ease of contemplation.  If you’re not 100 % sure of when that optimal time is, don’t worry many of us don’t. Try scheduling those deep thinking sessions for the times your mind is at its most still like after an exercise or meditation session.


Entrepreneurs can easily get caught up in the hustle and grind mentality, but we at MyTaksPal are here to tell you:

Sleep is not for sissies.

In fact, a certain amount of sleep is essential for cognitive performance. Without it you increase stress and anxiety levels, you overeat, you become easily distracted…

How will you reach your full potential if you’re sleep deprived? How will you steer your company into the future if you’re asleep at the helm? Avoid cognitive decline by getting 7 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.


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